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Our way of life

Sottovoce Audio, S.L. is the registered trademark under which audio products are designed, manufactured and distributed according to our motto: “High performance loudspeakers”.

Our main goal is to produce loudspeakers that become the most perfect translators of any musical recording. This is the right way to give the listeners the opportunity to live a real and immersive listening experience, where the audio disappears and it becomes just music. Music to enjoy and music to work, because our products are targeted to demanding domestic customers as to experienced professionals.

Furthermore, our team is ready to listen to your needs, new projects and dreams. We will put at your service all of our knowledge and experience in order to give you technical assistance for your audio system and listening room.

Are you ready to discover this musical experience?

Our compromise

In Sottovoce Audio we design and manufacture in our city, Valencia, each of our products. And we love to do it.

We work alongside with local companies and expertised craftmans. Our suppliers are also highly reputed European companies. We do extensive research and development to select the finest components. We carefully manufacture precision enclosures and verify thoroughly each unit, just to reach the maximum quality standards.

We believe that it is possible to offer products with great added value: by the way they are made and by the way they perform.

Made with great, great care: this is our compromise!

Legal information

Sottovoce Audio, S.L. is deeply committed to meet all the required legal obligations that enable us to guarantee our customers a reliable, efficient and safe service. You can access the details of our legal policies by clicking in the following links:

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