2007 – The early days

Back in 2007 the idea of manufacturing loudspeakers began in the city of Valencia (Spain). At that time, the founder of Sottovoce Audio, S.L., Jorge Mata, started to dismantle and rebuild old loudspeaker cabinets from the 1970’s decade. It is fair to say that with more interest than knowledge. The first contact with cabinet building materials, loudspeaker drivers and crossovers showed that every component has its role, and that every little detail can be very significant. During the next three years, thorough research in Internet was done: product research to learn what the main audio companies were doing and technical research to understand what was behind their designs. Some early, small prototypes were developed.

2010 – The milestone

At the time of 2010 it was clear that serious and broad technical knowledge was needed to progress in a relevant way. There was a good oportunity for Jorge to enter into post graduate studies in acoustics at the Politechnic University of Valencia, in the nearby city of Gandia. Soon it saw that was an excellent idea. Extensive knowledge in signal processing, room acoustics, transducers and amplifiers, together with great study mates opened up a new and endless world in audio. It was a milestone in the way to create Sottovoce Audio.

2012 – The birth

In early 2012 the idea of starting a new company was so clear that it was needed to give a business-like turn to what, at that time, was only a DIY project. Then, the name and logo of Sottovoce Audio were created and registered. First meetings with professional suppliers were done and, consequently, the first “Sottovoce” prototype was born. This first loudspeaker featured the basis of the company’s philosophy: high performance, active loudspeakers with internal digital signal processing. Through this approach, accurate, balanced and precise sound quality was reached in compact housings. This is still our way to work.

2014 – The business

In late 2014 the project was so mature that it was the time to launch the business. The company Sottovoce Audio, Sociedad Limitada is created and registered for the research, development and manufacturing of high performance loudspeakers. During the following months, the administrative framework of the company is built. At the same time, intense research and development for future products is done, and the new product line and the commercial strategies are defined.

2016 – Today

In early 2016 a new corporative identity and website are launched, and the first studio monitoring systems are being developed.

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