Jorge Mata Falcón

Jorge is the co-founder and CEO of Sottovoce Audio, S.L. He provides to the company his broad knowledge and professional experience in acoustics, architecture and team leadership. First educated as an Architect and Urban Planner, was graduated by the Politechnic University of Valencia in 2005. Since then, he has been part of some of the leading engineering companies in Valencia, followed by a freelance professional career from 2011 to the present day. His love for music and interest in sound reproduction quality brought him to began a specialization in acoustics and sound engineering, mainly at the Politechnic University of Valencia’s EPSG campus, in Gandia during 2010-2012. His tasks in Sottovoce Audio comprehend product development and design, marketing and team leadership.

Andrés Coronado Giménez

Andrés is a young Telecommunication Engineer, graduated at the Politechnic University of Valencia, and also clarinet player. He shares with other company members his interest in music and he contributes to Sottovoce Audio with his talent in signal processing and computer simulation. He is in charge of complex computer analysis and development of new, custom waveguides for high frequency optimization.

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