Custom Services

Sottovoce Audio custom services will provide you our best know-how in loudspeaker design, manufacturing and architectural integration.

Once you’ve started to build your perfect listening or home theatre room, you can not expect less than the highest sound performance in your system. You will also need to make fine adjustments in the system to match the room characteristics. We can walk with you in every step of the process, thanks to our knowledge in architecture, acoustics and loudspeaker design, to ensure that at the end of the journey the highest expectations are succesfully met.

Custom loudspeaker design

Sottovoce Audio offers a unique custom design service, where we can bring to reality that loudspeaker that meets all your requirements, both technically and aesthetically. Thanks to our design process and high precision, CNC-machined cabinet manufacturing process, we are able to build unique loudspeakers for you with the highest standards. We will provide you with our technical consulting service and, at the end, we will perform fine adjustments in your system to match the room characteristics. We are sure that at the end of the journey, your highest expectations will be met.

Instrument loudspeakers

We build unique, state-of-the-art instrument loudspeakers that will become the perfect partner for your own, unique sound. Sottovoce Audio custom instrument loudspeakers are designed with the highest requirements in manufacturing and careful selection of components. Thanks to our experience in cabinet design, we provide a wide range of solutions for very different needs and we are open to work in new challenging projects.

System adjustment and installation

Home louspeakers and studio monitors are necessarily installed in rooms. When maximum sound performance is required, then careful loudspeaker installation, placement and adjustment is needed. Therefore, acoustic measurement and analysis must be carried in the installation room. Sottovoce Audio provides technical and experienced services for the installation of own and third party loudspeakers and also for the room optimization, including setup for digital room correction software (like Dirac Live).

Technical consulting

At Sottovoce Audio, we offer to you a complete and lasting partnership with the basis of our knowledge and experience in loudspeaker design, acoustics and architecture. We can work together with interior designers, architects and builders to coordinately plan, design and build the sound system for any future listening room. Furthermore, Sottovoce Audio is ready to work alongside with third party audio companies to develop their new audio products. We are confident that your highest expectations will be met.

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