Instrument Loudspeakers

Instrument loudspeakers are used to generate a personal tone or sound in the hands of a musician and they are intended for creativity and musical expression.

Sottovoce Audio instrument loudspeaker designs are developed with the highest requirements in manufacturing and quality of components. They are the perfect partners for any professional musician looking for a natural, precise and dynamic sound.

Why there are different instrument loudspeakers?

All we know that not every musical instrument delivers the same sound, and neither their instrument loudspeakers have the same requirements! Differences in physical properties, like size, mass, compliance, magnet force, diaphragm material… have influences in sound.

The super-tone!

We have joined forces with company Supertone Records for the development of an all-new specialist range of instrument loudspeakers and cabinets for them. We are working hard alongside with session guitarist, music producer and wise man Simon Campbell, to offer exclusive instrument loudspeakers for guitar, bass and keyboards.

Range of products

The initial range will include – for guitar:

  • 1×12″ ported, loaded with an EVM12L or our new Spanish made equivalent.
  • 1×12″ open back, loaded with our bespoke design British made Alnico loudspeaker.
  • 2×12″ open back, loaded with our bespoke design British made Alnico loudspeaker.

And for bass / keyboards:

  • 1×12″ with compression driver and two way crossover.
  • 1×12″ extension cabinet.

They will be ready in Summer 2016, and will be shipped directly from Supertone Records. If you want to keep up to date, please visit their website:


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