System Adjustment and Installation

Home louspeakers and studio monitors are necessarily installed in rooms. When maximum sound performance is required, then careful loudspeaker installation, placement and adjustment is needed. Therefore, acoustic measurement and analysis must be carried in the listening room. Sottovoce Audio provides technical and experienced services for the installation of own and third party loudspeakers and also for the room optimization, including setup for digital room correction software.

Digital room correction setup

In the last years, the digital signal processing potencial has reached a high level of performance and digital systems for correction of the room acoustics are now available. These systems, like Dirac Live Room Correction Suite, perform measurements from the room and loudspeaker performance and can make great improvements if a proper setup is carried out. You can get help from Sottovoce Audio to perform the acoustic measurements and the setup needed, and then you will confident that the best results have been reached.

Loudspeaker placement optimization

Every sound system can be improved with no additional investments, just only playing with room placement and setup. Careful loudspeaker placement to avoid room modes and direct reflections can improve the sound quality just in minutes under the hands of an expertised technician. With computer audio analysis one step forward can be done, and an objetive, optimum target can be reached. Improvements in stereo depth and stability, tonal balance and detail are achieved with a dedicated effort in loudspeaker placement, both in domestic rooms and recording studios. You can trust Sottovoce Audio to perform this task.

Low frequency in-room adjustment

Rooms will enhance frequencies related to the room boundaries dimensions (a 100 Hz wave has a wavelengh of 3,45 m). That is a “room gain” which increases the loudspeaker sound pressure level in the low band, and usually unevenly when room modes are excited. Some damped, low frequency loudspeaker alignments may blend better with the room gain response than others, specially when little acoustic treatment is done. In other cases, modifications in the vent output from bass reflex enclosures may improve the overall response. In active systems (analog or digital), low frequency gain adjustment can be tailored to the room’s response. In every case, measurements carried out with calibrated microphones and computer audio analysis, as those performed by Sottovoce Audio, must be performed to obtain objective, improved results.

Multichannel setup

When a complex sound system is installed, you need to be sure that every component is carefully placed and adjusted in order to obtain a good spatial perception and tonal balance. Relative distances between loudspeakes and gain levels must be adjusted for each component and objetive measurements are needed. Sottovoce Audio performs acoustical measurements and carries out the setup and integration of high quality multichannel systems.

Subwoofer integration

Single or multiple front subwoofers should supplement bass extension for the main speakers in a multichannel or a stereo system, thereby making the whole system full range. Separate subwoofers also make setting up a room much more flexible, but at the cost of a careful system placement and adjustment. Otherwise, frequency overlapping between satellites and subs and out-of-phase filtered signals may degrade the sound more than one might expect. Sottovoce Audio provides the knowledge and expericence requirede for an optimal subwoofer integration.

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