Digital Room Correction

Dirac Live® provides a fundamental improvement in any audio systems by correcting the acoustic defects caused by your listening environment.

Rooms inevitably introduce colorations on the reproduced sound produced by any loudspeaker, regardless its quality. These colorations are sometimes very difficult and costly to remove with traditional hardware design and room treatments. Dirac Live – The world’s premiere digital room correction solution can improve the quality of your audio system through a software only or a software/hardware setup. It is also perfect for professional audio.

What is Dirac Live?

Dirac Live Room Correction Suite is advanced patented software technology that analyzes the speakers as well as the room and corrects these colorations with the purpose of achieving a better sound. We call this “digital room correction”. Its benefits are:
– Improved staging (localization of sound events).
– Enhanced clarity and intelligibility in music and vocals.
– Deeper and tighter bass, without resonances.
– Better cost-performance ratio, relative to the equivalent acoustic room treatments.


Sottovoce Audio offers you Dirac Live room correction technology as a PC/Mac software solution (Dirac Live Room Correction Suite) or as a hardware processor (miniDSP Dirac audio processors). In both you can use a stereo or a multichannel version (up to 8 channels of processing) to get the same, top level performance. You will also get an owner’s manual and free technical support to help you get started.