Home Loudspeakers

Sottovoce Audio provides a range of high-end loudspeakers specially designed for the home environment in stereo and multichannel systems.

Imagine enjoying your favourite music in the quietness of your home with a sound as clear and true as if you were in a concert venue. If this sound is actually recorded on your cd or vinyl, why not to brought it back to your ears? Sottovoce Audio home loudspeakers are professionally designed and manufactured according to the highest standards in sound performance, for bringing back to life every little sound present in the recordings. Nothing more and nothing less! Besides, the high quality of our loudspeakers make them your long lasting companions for decades.

Outstanding experience

Are you a music lover or a movie enthusiast looking to improve your home audio experience? Do you appreciate outstanding technical performance combined with functional design and high quality materials? Sottovoce Audio provides you with a wide range of high-end speakers especially designed for the home environment: from small and inconspicuous cabinets to powerful and custom designed loudspeakers. We are certain that you will find your perfect partner for your future listening sessions.

Visual design

The experience in architectural design of our CEO and designer Jorge Mata has allowed Sottovoce Audio to develop a series of minimal and compact loudspeaker designs. With our availability of custom colours and finishes, our loudspeakers can be visually integrated into any home space, either for being in the spotlight or just for being a discreet player in your room. That’s your choice!

Ease of installation

The installation of any active Sottovoce Audio home speaker is extremely easy, thanks to our compact design approach. The power amplifiers are built into the loudspeakers and thus you have no need for bulky external amplifiers. External high quality connections provide linkage to many devices, like your preamplifier, computer or television… Simple and easy!

Systems for Home Theatre

Sottovoce Audio provides high-end listening experience and it is a perfect choice for multichannel installations. You can choose a solution from our Home Theatre loudspeaker range and also to consider our Custom Service for personalized design, manufacturing and installation in order to achieve the highest levels of performance and architectural integration.