Home Theatre

Sottovoce Audio provides high-end listening experience and it is a perfect choice for home theatre installations. In-room system adjustment of multichannel loudspeakers is provided alongside any of our home theatre systems.

Our home theatre loudspeakers are inheritors from the recognized quality of our stereo music designs. They offer superior sound quality, high sound pressure levels and lasting reliability into compact, contemporary style cabinets. The active design principle benefits from advanced technologies and integrates high quality, high power amplifiers in the same loudspeaker housing. Thanks to this integrated design, a high performance multichannel setup will take less space in your home than would be needed in a classic, passive system.

Sottovoce Audio provides a true and lifelike listening experience, and beside our multichannel systems we take care of the installation and adjustment of the entire system at your home. We know that a perfect balance of the loudspeakers into the listening area is crucial to achieve the sound performance required for a high-end home theatre system. The digital signal processing implemented into all of our home theatre loudspeakers allows for a fine tuning of the system once installed in the listening room.

You can choose a solution from our Home Theatre loudspeaker range and also to consider our Custom Service for personalized design, manufacturing and installation in order to achieve the highest levels of performance and architectural integration.