Every Sottovoce Audio loudspeaker is the result of a long process of design, manufacturing, assembly and testing, in order to reach the maximum level of perfection. That’s how we bring forth only high performance loudspeakers.

First: the sound

Loudspeakers convert the electrical signals from the amplifier’s outputs into physical sound pressure waves that travel across the air and then enter your ears. This transformation in the energy form (from electricity to air pressure) takes the name of transduction (and that’s why loudspeaker drivers are technically named transducers). Many physical parameters come into play, both in the loudspeaker drivers and in the loudspeaker enclosure, and any distortion or coloration of the original signal by drivers or enclosures is by definition a degradation of the sound. Our challenge is to design and manufacture high fidelity loudspeakers in accordance with our principle: “The purity of sound, as absence of distortion and coloration from the loudspeaker drivers and enclosures”.

Advanced design

Each loudspeaker is like a small building: it’s a complex structure and every detail can reach a profound impact in the whole. We take hundreds of decisions during the overall development process and we study every little detail with care. We take benefit from computer aided design and simulation and we do our best know-how every day. Finally, before we give the thumbs up, we take by ourselves intensive listening tests. We want to be sure that any of our loudspeaker prototypes has reached its maximum performance before it leaves the design stage.

Component selection

Careful selection of components is a key task in our design process. We are in constant search and testing of new and finest components and materials. With this constant effort, we can offer high performance and reliability in any of our designs. Each of the transducers, amplifiers or wiring is built by world-known manufacturers to the highest quality standards of today.

Cabinet manufacturing

We have reached a very high production quality in cabinet manufacturing, followed by each one of our partners. Our cabinets are built from high grade water-repellent MDF or WBP birch plywood boards, which are CNC-machined to ensure tight tolerances and dimensional stability during manufacturing. Cabinet joints are carefully studied to ensure that rigid coupling between all pieces is guaranteed without the needs of additional screws, to build solid and lasting enclosures. Each cabinet is assembled by experienced hands and is thoroughly inspected to check that the manufacturing process has been perfect.

Cabinet finishing

The exterior enclosure finish not only needs a good look, it also has an important role: to guarantee durability of the entire loudspeaker through years to come. That is why we employ only high quality lacquers, in premium matte or high gloss finishes. We offer custom finishing options under request: you can choose from our beautiful range of standard colours or just ask for a particular colour hue. We are fully confident that the speaker will sound even better when finished in your favorite colour!

Testing and verification

After a thorough inspection, including complete electro-acoustic measurements, Sottovoce Audio ensures that no loudspeaker leaves our factory without having been rigorously tested and it complies with our production specifications. In every unit, the person who assembled the loudspeaker signs a label on the back to prove that the speaker has been verified.

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