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Sottovoce Audio gives you the powerful Dirac Live® sound optimization suite, which includes digital room correction in order to help your monitors reach their full potential in any listening room.

Great recording and production studios understand that exceptional loudspeakers don’t guarantee exceptional audio. Room acoustics are the weakest link in most sound systems, making acoustic sound treatment a must. Now, you can take benefit from Dirac Live Room Correction Suite digital sound optimization to help your loudspeakers reach their full potential in any listening room.

What is Dirac Live?

Dirac Live is a state-of-the-art digital room correction technology that uses sophisticated analysis of the speakers as well as the listening room to optimize the speakers’ overall audio performance and remove sound colorations introduced by the room. The result is substantially improved musical staging, clarity, voice intelligibility, and a deeper and tighter bass.

Unlike other sound optimization plugins, which only work when running inside a certain music application, Dirac Live optimizes all sound playback that originates from your computer, regardless of the application. It also doesn’t require you to import your music into the program, making it much easier to mix audio.

Dirac Live empowers professional users with unprecedented flexibility in shaping the target response to their needs. Coupled with the performance advantages from Dirac’s patented impulse response correction, Dirac Live Room Correction Suite offers distinct benefits for professionals.


You can use the Stereo Version or the Full Version (up to 8 channels of processing) to get the same, top level performance. Both of them include also a pdf manual and free technical support to help you get started.

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