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The Stereo 3 active loudspeaker gives you the opportunity to listen to all the details and dynamics from any music recording.

Cabinet shape, sound dispersion and in-room bass performance are optimized for a high definition and low distortion sound in real listening rooms.

Our new home audio floorstanding loudspeaker is targeted to the critical listener. It shows a great and precise soundstage for all music styles, despite its moderate size.

The minimalist design and active conception make the Stereo 3 perfect for medium sized rooms where aesthetics and sound performance are both essential.

Custom Products and Services

Custom services will provide you our best know-how in loudspeaker design, manufacturing and architectural integration.

  • Custom loudspeaker design

    Sottovoce Audio provides a broad experience in loudspeaker custom design for home audio and home cinema systems.

  • Instrument loudspeakers

    Unique, state-of-the-art instrument loudspeakers designed with the finest components.

  • System adjustment and installation

    We provide technical support for loudspeaker installation and acoustic room treatment.

  • Technical consulting

    Partnership with architects and interior designers to create and install sound systems for exclusive domestic spaces.

miniDSP distribution

Sottovoce Audio is the authorized dealer for Spain of the miniDSP® products. If you are interested on these products, please contact us.