Sottovoce Audio becomes dealer for miniDSP processors

Sottovoce Audio S.L. is proud to announce the new agreement with audio company miniDSP Ltd. for the distribution of their advanced signal processing technology products. The agreement will now bring the renowned miniDSP processors closer to the Spanish market. The Spanish customers will start now to benefit from the high quality, flexibility and small footprint of miniDSP stereo and multichannel audio processors with Dirac Live® technology, to get a perfect in room performance of their current audio systems.

Sottovoce Audio expands the possibilities to integrate Dirac Live® advanced room correction technology in any audio system. Now, it is not only possible to use Dirac Live Room Correction Suite as a computer (Windows®/Mac®) software but also as a hardware audio processor with multiple input / output connections (analog or digital).

The miniDSP audio processors now available to the Spanish market comprehend:

Dirac Live® is a revolutionary technology which analyzes and calibrates the loudspeaker and listening room interaction. The process is guided by an intuitive graphic tool on a computer and needs a calibrated measurement microphone. Using the miniDSP processors, the calibrated presets can be stored on the hardware audio processors and the room correction can be integrated on (almost) any audio system.

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