Custom Products and Services

With our knowledge in architecture, acoustics and design, we can be the best partner for your future audio projects.


Custom loudspeaker design

At Sottovoce Audio we can bring to life that loudspeaker that will fit perfectly to your requirements, technically and aesthetically. Thanks to our services of custom design and manufacturing, with computer aided systems and handcrafted production, we are able to manufacture high end loudspeakers from just one production unit.


Musical instruments amplification

We also design and produce loudspeaker cabinets for musical instrument amplification. They will provide you the ability to express your own, unique sound as an artist. These cabinets are designed with the best components, for the highest requirements. Our experience and knowledge can offer you a wide range of options, for acoustic or electric musical instruments amplification. We are ready to work in new challenges!


System installation and adjustment

When high requirements are met, then we need a professional system installation and accurate adjustments of the sound reproduction system. Sottovoce Audio offers loudspeaker installation services for home and professional environments. We can do in room acoustic measurements for loudspeaker system characterization, and its optimization. Furthermore, for maximum performance, a digital room correction system, like Dirac Live, can be installed.


Technical consulting

We offer to acoustic engineers, archictects and interior designers a complete and lasting partnership. So we can, effectively and coordinately, plan and build the sound system for any future listening room. Besides, at Sottovoce Audio we are ready to work alongside other audio companies in the development of their new products. We are confident that your highest expectations will be met!